CS usually serves OEM and Tier-1 & 2 suppliers – of the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense sector – who design systems embedding safety-critical software. As such, CS has a large track-record in software development and testing as well as design and manufacturing of automated test stands. Our added-value is in our expertise of cutting-edge techniques and standards including DO-1788, ISO26262, ARP4754/4761, FACE and embedded cyber-security DO-326, this to support more and more complex systems design but reduce costs for our customers. CS also has the ability to extend its resources on projects with assistance from our sister divisions including Canada, France, India and Romania.
CS is certified AS-9100.

Jerome Casteret, 860-712-4269, jcasteret@c-s-inc.us

Mary Ellen Boath, 203-258-2401, meboath.uscitizen@c-s-inc.us


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